About Egg in a Cup

WHO:   A long time food lover with a new interest in baking, #egginacup is yet to meet a spice she doesn’t like.

WHAT: A food blog that chronicles a recipe averse cook’s adventures as she attempts to follow some rules in the kitchen for (probably) the first time in her life.

WHERE: Currently based out of Toronto, with a foot firmly planted in Switzerland, her heart living in Ireland, and roots extending to India…with a few stops along the way.

WHY: Recently finding herself living alone, and therefore cooking for one, #egginacup has forgotten how to do exactly that. With a whole lot of extra time on her hands and an expensive stand mixer that has been serving as a banana bowl, this blog is an attempt to turn her ennui into something edible.


This is a personal blog written and edited by me. Typically I will be writing about baking related things; and that this blog represents my personal views, opinions and tastes. Please feel free to use or share any part of this blog,  but give me credit (and I will do the same for you.)