Breakfast: my most neglected meal of the day

For someone who purports to spend at least 16 hours of each day thinking about food (aka known as every minute that I am awake), the one meal I never seem to prioritize is breakfast.Ask me what I want to eat for lunch, dinner, as a midnight snack, or even for brunch a week from now, and I’ll have an answer. Ask me what I had for breakfast this morning, and I’ll act as if coffee is a major food group.

As you may have noticed, November was a quiet time on this blog. I decided to undertake Sober November, which meant not indulging in alcohol for 30 days, but was also a concentrated effort on my part to eat healthier and take care of myself before the excesses of Christmas. Unfortunately, not indulging also meant my baking went by the wayside, and my blogging took a hit.

But now it is December and a whole new hedonistic month of baking awaits. That’s not to say that I will be putting my healthy ways completely behind me- in this month filled with after-work social engagements , Christmas parties and holiday cocktails, a wholesome and healthy breakfast is going to be key in getting me through the day. From past experience, I know the only way I will regularly eat breakfast, is if it adheres to  3 key factors:

  • It can be made in advance
  • It is grab and go
  • It is not just healthy but also delicious.

Below, I have rounded up some of my favourite recipes from across the web that fulfill these requirements.  If you are like me and need some additional inspiration to eat breakfast, click through these links, drool over the beautiful photos and find the recipe that works best for you and your schedule.

Up first, from the UK’s favourite healthy eating blogger Deliciously Ella , two ideas for breakfast squares. I love these because they incorporate fruit and whole grains but omit a lot of the sugar you find in most breakfast cereals.

Food52 also has a great list of make-ahead breakfasts that includes this blueberry, outmeal and flaxseed  muffin. It’s awesome.

And if savoury breakfasts are more your style, check out these recipes:

Breakfast burritos by Cookie and Kate. It involves a bit more prep time, but if you have a microwave and hot sauce at work, you can indulge in brunch at your desk.

Heidi Swanson’s  cottage cheese muffins are what I imagine a baby between a quiche and a muffin would taste like, and switching up your add-ins will make every morning a new experience.

Happy breakfast eating! Hit up the comments to let me know what your favourite grab and go breakfasts are 🙂



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